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Helen Samuel
Executive Officer and Chairwoman


Samson Tesfaye
Foundation Manager


Selamawit Samuel
Executive Vice President


People Foundry

  • Sunshine has continued to prevail active particularly on the real estate development as a credible and reliable company building the trust of many. Through a formidable and consistent effort, it has managed to create many Sunshine – built residential villages with green buildings of healthy and efficient homes and full-fledged infrastructural services. It has become so evident that the unique nature of these residential villages has brought up a strong mix of local and international communities being connected by common cultural and social values of interest and activities, and have become a center of attraction as a model for many.


    Amb. Dr. Fantahun H. Michael
  • Quality: Structurally, I found the real estate construction very good and to the best of my satisfaction.
    Price: based on the recent Ethiopian housing market reality, I would say the listing price is somewhat reasonable.
    Finishing Materials: finishing materials used are very good.
    Customer Service: friendliest and humble personalities packed in your sales office. I appreciate their sympathy, sensitivity and unreserved assistance throughout the years.
    Finally, seeing a number of real estate companies in Ethiopia, I am comfortable to say your company is the best real estate company in the nation. Hence, please keep your reputation and move forward. Personally, in my reviews, I would give an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    Girmachew Abebe
  • I bought an apartment from Sunshine Construction and currently, I live in Bole Beshale Village. Sunshine Construction got so many strong sides but to mention few showing the progress of the house from the foundation to handover, receive feedback from clients, timely notifying clients for any problems encountered and communicating well with its clients, supporting clients to establish a committee to safeguard the peace and security of the villages.

    In general, Sunshine Construction was beyond my expectation for its real and honest service. I will truly say that Seeing is Believing.

    Azeb Getachew